Almond Paste

Have a Passion for Taste and Creativity?

almond_pasteQuality is key to any fine pastry line and you deserve to work with only the best ingredients. Made only from European almonds, Marguerite Almond Paste delivers an authentic almond flavor with a smooth texture that will entice your customers and make your pastry creations into true works of art. Perfect for frangipanes, macaroons, petit fours, confectionery – or any other creation you can imagine, Marguerite Almond Paste is a must-have for any fine pastry line. Marguerite Almond Paste comes in two blends, is Kosher certified, bake-stable, and can be used as a filling, topping or as a flavoring.
Use only the best for your exquisite creations….

  • Almond Paste 50% 4 KG (8.8 LB)
  • Almond Paste 66% 4 KG (8.8 LB)

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Home Made Bread vs Home Made The Bakery Way

     = Better Taste – Texture – Quality!

My fellow bakers . . . once you start making bread the way I did in my bakery and like I now do at home, you’ll know than why there’s such a difference between Home Made Bread and Bread Made the Bakery Way!

When you enter most grocery stores, the bakery always seems to be just inside the door within smelling distance. The aroma of fresh baked goods also tends to drift throughout the whole store. Usually making my stomach remind me that I’m hungry – even though I’m not! But the smell is so pleasant be it from the grocery store or home.

However pleasant as it is, there is a difference between breads baked at home and that what’s baked at the in-store bakery; most always in flavor, texture and quality. So what is it about bakeries that can make breads or pastries be so different? You have a mixer – so does a bakery! You have have an oven – they have an oven. You use flour, salt, sugar and yeast – they use flour, salt, sugar and yeast . . . yet there is a difference!

Yet…there’s a difference . . . A BIG DIFFERENCE!

First thing that comes to mind is the flour. Different types of breads and pastries require different types and quality of flours. For example, a good loaf of French Baguette or Italian/European style breads require a “high gluten (high protein)” flour. The baker will also use a “sponge” (like a sour dough starter) that provides the bite (flavor) of the bread.

Click Here for Flour Varieties, their Description, Applications, and Benefits.

Click Here for reasons to use Dough Enhancers.

This will come when the dough is being fermented (raising) the first time; traditional made baguettes for example are first raised in bulk, then dough is divided and rounded up into a ball and raised again for about 90 minutes, then molded (rolled into a loaf) and raised again before being baked. All this improves the flavor and texture of the baguette. You see the difference when you rip into a baguette and tare a piece off to chew and it doesn’t crumble in your hands like homemade bread.

Bakeries also use a lot of steam with there baking. FYI – some of the newer ovens today are being equipped with a steam option and if you love to bake and can afford to change, you’ll love it – otherwise like me, I’ve used a spray bottle and a pan of water in the bottom of the oven.

I used the word “Sponge” above that bakers use to enhance the flavors of breads. They also could be called emulsifiers and/or stabilizers. The advantage of its use helps with faster rising, increases volume and water absorption and shelf life (or freshness). There are several types of these products the baker uses for each of the different types of breads/pastries made; you can’t find these products in grocery or specialty shops, only from bakery wholesale suppliers . . . until now!

That’s where comes to the rescue! We buy these products in bulk and repackage them for the home baker. For example we have dough enhancers for French, Italian, Rye, Wheat, regular pan style whites, Artisan types, donuts and pastry. We have several types of flours and flour blends. If you’d like to make a good Danish, we have the roll in butter, icings and toppings; and so much more!

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Quality Flour

The Way Nature Intended
Today, more people are watching what they eat and knowing what is in or missing in their food. As a baker, I always wanted to have the best flours for the products I was making or using in my restaurants. This is why I believe in organic farming. With USDA Organic certification from Quality Assurance International, it helps promote ecological balance and helps conserve biodiversity. And if you want the best quality flour, it all starts with the best quality wheat.

Many of our members are requesting more and more products that are free from artificial ingredients.  This is why we have Organic Flour that is free from treatments or enrichments – just great quality wheat flour, the way nature intended.

We have it available in High Gluten and Bread Flours. These organic flours deliver great performance and are made from certified organic wheat. They’re being used in many of the better bakeries and now we have made them available to the home baker.

Quality flour was key to running my bakery. Since the early art of baking, flour has been the key ingredient. Bakers have always use top quality flour for their artisan creations. The quality of the ingredients always reflects the quality of the end product. I learned early that if I wanted a great tasting loaf of bread, I needed superior ingredients and it started with the flour. I purchased specific flours that was the best for the end product I wanted to sell.

we are making these Premium Flours available to our Prime members. We have both Organic and Non-Organic Flours and available in High Gluten and Bread Flour varieties. We are offering products that are only available to bakeries from wholesale distributors.

  • Premium Flours
  • Excellent, Consistent Results
  • Commercial Brands
  • Variety
  • Trusted Freshness

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To Bake Or Not To Bake

To tempt or not to temp;
To prosper or not to prosper.
How canst one ask such questions
   with a sober face?
For is it not the role of every ambitious baker
   to do exactly that:
To Tempt thy customers with offerings of unique
   and irresistible appeal?
And should not the product in its temptation
   exhibit a value far beyond its price?

Perhaps then, the question should not be
   whether to bake or not to bake,
But rather to bake and what to bake
   whilst keeping a cautious eye on thy bottom line.
Is it possible to accomplish all this
   in such troubled economic times
When every penny must be considered?
The answer is clear; the secret no longer
   well kept.

Tis the cherry, good buddy;
For no other fruit, no other single ingredient is as
Temptable, appealing, naturally colorful,
   satisfying, economical, cost effective,
   elegant, bright, fancy, interesting,
   healthful, flavorful, cheerful, easy to store,
   easy to use with endless possibilities. . .
Are there any questions?


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